Building Permits are required prior to performing consruction projects on residential properties. Examples of projects requiring a permit are:

     °   Roofing or roofing replacement
     °   New Home construction
     °   Electrical / Mechanical replacements / upgrades
     °   Additions
     °   Garage additions
     °   Some interior remodeling
     °   Storage buildings

Permits are issued after the project has been reviewed. In the case of additions, you must bring a sketch to City Hall showing the change and location of additions. Once a project has been reviewed, a price can be quoted and a permit issued.

Once a permit has been issued, you will be required to obtain certain inspections during the project and upon completion.

The City of Strafford has adopted the International Building Codes. Please contact the City of review Requirements.

Please call City Hall at 417-736-2154 if you hav any questions about whether a project requires a permit or not.